A little big book by Zygmunt Bauman

“Strangers at Our Door” is one of the last works by Zygmunt Bauman, one of the most eminent intellectuals of our time. It is normal to think of this philosopher for those who have social-democratic ideas, ideas aimed at an open world view. The book has just under 100 pages and can be read quickly […]

World history in 100 objects.

After reviewing on the blog, June 2, 20018, a masterpiece like “Weapons, steel and disease” by Jared Diamond, I thought it appropriate to point out a book that can be said stands on a similar line as “intellectual guide” I believe that a path of anthropological knowledge and customs of world history can not help […]


A small note on the “forerunner” of the book, the codex, highlighting a jewel of our Western culture, the CODEX VERCELLENSIS. The intention is to give two points for reflection, one purely historical with respect to the artifact and the other linked to the cultural temperament of the person who conceived it, Saint Eusebius of […]

Speranza – from the book “La Fede è Luce” by Rita Prezio

THE HOPE You are alive animate the soul of chicchessìa young or old you cultivate with thought to reach a path well or badly Without you the heart is empty It breaks the joy of living again. Like a happy girl give your hand to the unhappy making his harmonious steps I would like to […]

Weapons, steel and diseases – Jared Diamond –

Weapons, steel and diseases by Jared Diamond is a very interesting essay which leads us into the world of anthropology and to set some more ideas for one’s own knowledge on the development of humanity. The book is compelling because it traces an analysis of human evolution through a cultural syncretism of great impact as […]