2 May 2019, 500 years after the death of the genius Leonardo!

“Whereupon he was paroxysmed as a death messenger. For which I stood up the king and took his head to help him and offer them favor, so that the evil lightened him, his spirit, which was divine, knowing he could not have more honor, died in the arms of that king in his age of […]

April 15 1452 LEONARDO DA VINCI is born!

Writing something about Leonardo da Vinci is always an arduous job for anyone, even the most discerning scholars, who finds himself before a great man in history of which not only many facets are now known but also because the same genius wrote in a bulimic way so as to put in awe. L. wrote […]

500 years ago … .Lutero

On October 31 500 years ago, 1517, a new era began. On the portal of the Wittenberg Cathedral in Germany (various historians deny, but now the symbolic historical significance holds), Martin Luther posted the 95 theses against the Catholic Church. It is the declaration of independence of Christian spirituality from the chains of ostentation, of […]