Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz…the ecclecticism of a genius.

“The planes of the human soul are infinite. One only has to know how to walk boldly along the abyss: either one conquers one’s summit, or one perishes. It will not in any case be the grey life of those of the flock, which barely realizes to exist”. We begin this short review on H.I. […]


A small note on the “forerunner” of the book, the codex, highlighting a jewel of our Western culture, the CODEX VERCELLENSIS. The intention is to give two points for reflection, one purely historical with respect to the artifact and the other linked to the cultural temperament of the person who conceived it, Saint Eusebius of […]

Angelo Vincenzo De Cillis – cycle on San Paolo della Croce -Manduria (Ta)

This painting is an open window on a kaleidoscopic human chaos where religious elements are coagulant presence, essential references. It is the iconic translation of an existence in which the subjective dramatic condition of man in his solitude finds space for sharing and the feeling becomes choral. There is in the artist an emotional energy […]