After Michelangelo there is he….Rodin.

François-Auguste-René Rodin one of the greatest artists in history, and certainly the initiator of modern sculpture, was born on November 12, 1840 in Paris. Sculpture is the art that shapes the volume, the three-dimensionality of matter that is form in the beginning in the mind and soul of the artist. Space is the environment with […]

Cy Twombly: the doodle that everyone knows how to do!..maybe not!

Every time you start approaching contemporary art, you come to terms with the sensations of your own artistic taste and you probe the reflection of what you consider beautiful. It is necessary to make an operation of detachment from reality, from the comparison with the things that seem more obvious to us in nature, in […]

Paul Cézanne…..began modern art.

Observing art with interest is not only seeing something that expresses a known or unknown reality in function of an aesthetic action, it is above all to relate in an empathic system that brings on one side the cultural conditioning of the spectator, on the other side the meaning expressed by the author of the […]

Damien Hirst…death in formaldehyde!

Damien Hirst is the artist of the contemporary “memento mori”, i.e. the one who reads and represents a vision on death with its psychological, physiological and conceptual implications. Hirts is that genius of contemporary art that cannot be understood if one does not go deep enough to look for the beauty that is not manifested […]

Banksy, the art of truth.

Considering Banksy’s work leads us to several considerations about various aspects of artistic culture, in fact an analysis that has a certain organicity must probably relate to a multidisciplinary dimension. The Banksy phenomenon is part of a context that concerns the purely social aspects of his art, regarding the place where it is performed in […]

Jean-Michel Basquiat…….the ugliness of everyday racism.

In front of Jean-Michel’s work we are clearly in front of an unhappy aesthetic expression, we travel the roads of restlessness, we observe the ugly. A blatant objectivity and extrinsically annoying, edgy, because it actually shows us what is inherent in humanity especially when it is far from civil coexistence and ethics. A film of […]

May 12, 2021…100 years ago Joseph Beuys was born.

100 years ago, on May 12, 1921, German artist Joseph Beuys was born. For those who occasionally pop into contemporary art museums, you might come across some of his puzzling, decidedly peculiar, almost “strange”, but tremendously human and familiar works. This artist was a shaman and prophet of his time, and of what was to […]

Angelo Vincenzo De Cillis

Angelo Vincenzo De Cillis was born in 1938 in Trepuzzi (Le), while still young he moved to Manduria. He taught art education in state schools from 1960 to 1996. From 1961 to 1990 he exhibited in the Salento area and in Manduria in cultural circles. From 1970 to 1985 he made numerous works for religious […]

Hans Hartung, the sign of another reality.

One of the marvels of visual artistic expression is the awareness of how culture refines precisely because it establishes comparisons and links between expressions that are also different and at times difficult to categorize. In the case of Hartung’s art, the first reaction is that of the evaluation of the sign, that is, of an […]