The moment when man acts is one in which he gives his story. This is the unfolding, the overlapping of languages, of instants, of signs that express the recognition of a civilization and its behavior with respect to itself and to the surrounding environment.
All this phenomenology imbued with the thought that underlies the complex of the individual and of society, does what we call culture. Every comma of what culture is made becomes value, a value that the historical development itself learns to recognize and to safeguard with an ever more universal eye, and with ever more respect. The value of the cultural process of man, that which man knows how to construct to the best of his potential, becomes with time a good to be safeguarded and preserved. Time has made all of us recognize how every moment is unrepeatable and how that moment needs attention and love. Through the study of ourselves, through the search for individual and collective well-being, we express what becomes universal and through this awareness we vary our skills, we open horizons to our culture. Art is a privileged field and must be defended because it is a territory of intellectual and social finesse, and it is precisely through art that we have developed the greatest concept of the value of time, it is through its study that we understand what beauty means of a moment, of that moment to be handed down.
The evolution has led to conceive new professional skills that have interacted with progress in respecting what has already been done, because this is the true indication of value. Can you give back to a feeling the same instant it was born? no, you can relive another feeling, maybe better, but another. This we have not always been able to understand it, and in fact we have defined it even later on the cultural level already destroying so much of our past, today we know how to defend ourselves and we know how to value what is eternal, and today more than ever we have to pay attention to the sense of I remember, not to fall into the trap of indifference and speculation. The culture of a people is the expression of its value in the highest range of what defines humanity, which expresses the sense of the soul and its respect. A cantonal stone, an olive tree, a lake landscape, a page of a book, a tower, a cathedral, a painting by Mantegna, are all together an interlocking of values, they are all together the expression of what we are and where we come from. The verb of art, is a language between languages ​​and is what we look at in its immediacy, let’s remember how all this is wonderful, because it is human! (giulio raddi)

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