Modernity … changing uses and costumes … the culture of disvalues ​​… from Michelangelo to tattoos!

Today we live in a fast reality where cultural appeals are like pieces of a skin that changes and that support the contingencies.
It is as if the soul and its values ​​have developed a different adaptation to the environment and eventually the natural law of selection is reversed to overturn everything.
The environment changes and adapts itself to the living biological world that conditions and exploits it to the nth degree.
A world in which communication is global is enough to channel a piece of chameleonic cultural skin into a sequence of convenience and the values ​​of entire traditions become mythological stories.
Let’s think about how the issue of the nude on the social level from antiquity to today has evolved, or involuted.
Once two opposing cultures, Roman and Greek, considered nudity and its expression in a completely different way and not only for an intrinsic fact but above all for concrete reasons, for reasons directly linked to the whole conception of life and its rules. Most common.
The Roman culture was formed as a culture of war, a culture for which the body was at the service of arms and not of sport, of the gymnasium as for the Greeks. The Greeks loved to undress and ooze the body, they loved the peaceful sporting competition. For the Romans public nudity was not possible, even the Roman adult male had to wear the toga that distinguished him as cives, distinguished him from non-Romans, slaves and women.
The Roman toga was therefore like a uniform that identified a social group, a gens, a strong culture, powerful and skilled in politics. A culture that has not begun to decline with the globalization of the time, with the migrations of the time!
So the meeting of different cultures and different customs can reverse values, can they lead to the abuse of men over men? No, but certainly they lead to changes that structurally weigh on people through history and especially to clashes and successive revolutions. The radical processes always destroy something, the fast processes make that anthropology always loses something, if the reverberation is positive this is obvious that then tells the story that will come.
We think today of the fashion of tattoos in a world so happily free and globalized! At one time painting the skin had ethical and moral, always had cultural assumptions, today has only aesthetic pleasure, has nothing but spasmodic search for a reason for existence, when all right is only a fleeting moment without concrete cultural reasons! Here is the speed of today’s costumes and the impetus of the negative value!
Over time the body expression has gone from having a deeply cultural reason in its contemplation to have a material gap, to have a chameleon to appear in a consumer abuse to become perishable matter, to be a scarred essence, an expression where the ugly and non-sense becomes normal.
We think today what can be said about the millions of people who use the body for an approximate personal body art and we think of social categories that make it a show like sports!
There is nothing that binds in these expressions to a legitimacy that has cultural depth, which has a structure of fundamental values ​​if not those of personal motivation to exhibit, the main reason is exhibitionism, an end in itself, a chaotic exhibitionism.
It is the chaos of the most developed urban humanity linked to the fastest consumerism, therefore to an expression of the nudity in which personal liberty makes everything licit, making the ugly lawful as an expression otherwise accepted positively.
For centuries man has witnessed through the aesthetic expression to the study of the body, to its best representation, to what has always been convenient or not to show, to the comparison between nudity and dress, in the wake of a cultural research combined with values.
Today we see the conception of the naked and the body as elements of respect in which respect and the aesthetic sense communicate to us edifying and positive messages?
For the Greeks, nudity was a means to transcend the contingent and bring the human figure out of time and space, in the nude there was the abstract image of the perfect man, the earthly beauty was a hymn to that ideal and immortal. A naked body of a Maori tribe is obviously an expression of an underdeveloped world where the tattooed body still has a visibility linked to a deep bond with social and cultural meanings.
But today in modern civilization what do we witness? To the tragic and fast reversal of values ​​linked to meanings and signifiers in which cultural thought is linked to the immediacy of needs that are soon digestible, substantially to the use and abuse of the single instrument of unveiled hedonism and pleasure.
Modernity is a container of means of exploitation of pleasure that do not set rules but make the most intimate human perversions licit, socials feed the search for the other sex without distinction whatsoever and the best aesthetic expressions fill the nakedness of the bodies where the skin natural becomes an extreme research, a journey to the contrary towards naturalness and perhaps normality.
The beauty therefore becomes a flat sea at a global level where the body is the support for the most unlikely artistic expressions, the body is no longer an object of study, no longer a distinctive element and a reason for learning, the body is an inversely proportional object to himself, from Michelangelo’s David we passed to the Michelangelo of the social chaos that is in each of us …… ..the urban and extra-urban zombies of our civilization!

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