“Geni Comuni”, a beautiful exhibition of contemporary art in Rende (Cs), Italy.


“Geni Comuni” is a contemporary art exhibition open September 9, 2018 at the Museo del Presente di Rende, in the context of the “September rendese”, which closes on the 29th of the same month.
It is a real event now in its third edition as a competition in which 56 contemporary artists participate in a collective exhibition. The winners are given the opportunity to subsequently have a museum space for one of their staff.
The exhibition is dedicated to Carlo Rambaldi, creator of the character of E.T. of the film by Steven Spielberg of 1982, a project conceived by LLP EVENTI by Luigi Le Piane and curated by Roberto Sottile and Mariateresa Buccieri.
The vernissage of the event was embellished by the exhibition of the E.T. original who was the main actor of the great science fiction film left in the history of the cinematography made available by the Rambaldi Foundation with one of the three Oscar statues that the film received.

The exhibition as a whole is a very interesting cross section of art whose contents are of various kinds as you can admire works of great character ranging from the material, to the sculpture of recycling, to photography, graphics, abstraction and collage.
The artists in the competition are part of a great cultural project as they are supported by colleagues who already had a limelight in this competition and who today are committed to promoting the fruition of art solidarity with those less known but who has a great quality expressive.
One can say that art helps art and that beauty always finds its way to improve the world.
The exhibition sees artists who engage in works whose meanings are multiple because the many interpretations, each for the work represented, there is not a basic theme but a strong expository value of local and extraterritorial contemporary artistic making.
There is to be applauded to the organization as supported by the sponsors and a project in the public sphere has made the exhibition free to use in order to better promote the approach with an audience that must constantly stimulate culture and art.
The artists on show are all really capable and have an exceptional verve in order to provoke lively emotions, a competition in which the task of those who will have to decide the winners will be difficult.
The exhibition is an interesting passage in a Calabrian territory where art is a very rich karst river that moves, brings a volume of valuable ideas and needs visibility and courageous investments by everyone, primarily from the institutions.
The blog strongly recommends taking a trip to this wonderful exhibition where contemporary artists who are still young today on the national and international stage have all the skills to get to bigger stages, have all the features to enter the “art circuits” that counts “and where the public can find emotions and also artists with whom they can relate to deepen their cultural background. It is an exhibition for professionals, who can discover new talents, and for those who simply want to take a journey with their eyes to savor new emotions.


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