My name is Giulio and I am a lover of beauty, of that beauty that is not only aesthetic sense, but above all interior improvement. I was born in Calabria and I rely on the words of a philosopher from my hometown, Gian Vincenzo Gravina: “When the contemplations have become bodily appearance, then they will find their way into the vulgar minds, being able to walk the paths marked by sensitive things and in this way the sciences will nourish even the rawest brains with their fruits”.


Through art, from fake to true, art is a way of improvement, a way of salvation and liberation.

I am an art lover with academic studies in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, I dabble in writing poetry, in reviewing works and artists, in organizing cultural events. I’m interested in communication and art market (art consultant/direct sales); I also have some experience in painting restoration .

My passion for art has led me to initiate this blog that I hope will be interesting for anyone who approaches art and a broader cultural insight ; this approach takes place in a multidisciplinary path where different perspectives intersect trying to contribute in a positive way to our daily lives. Each of us holds inside sensations – art is a tool to soften our mental paths that then reverberate in the daily actions. Art is a journey around an area to explore, a universal zone, infinite but also limited.

My blog does not contain answers, but visions, it does not contain certainties, but reflections and passages on what man expresses himself at all times. Here I write articles, poems, analyse works , although trying to link them to real life, proposing also places, museums, cities, villages to visit, and dealing with good living, good food and drink; ultimately a complete and contemporary humanism.

On my blog I propose artists, those that history has immortalized as universal and those less known, young people and contemporaries who find here a friendly space.

The blog has the collaboration of other figures besides mine who are administrators, people or companies who share with me the humility to give a service that helps knowledge.

“Art is the highest signal of man on earth” Giulio.