Welcome to ART ZONE!

The Blog is a space where it is about art, but also about culture in general and is born to make a contribution, a voice, to the comparison on the web compared to those that are themes for the growth of the individual in relation to the world around him .

ART ZONE has a specific name because you want to define the surroundings, the space, the orbital volume that revolves around the person through the artistic dimension, through the search for beauty as nourishment and improvement of life. ART ZONE is a moment where ideas are born and develop, it is a workshop that calls to the attention of those who want to contribute. This Blog is intended as an experience that can reconcile interactions between ordinary people, experts, experts, writers, critics, artists, entrepreneurs, institutions, to improve the approach also with the contemporary. ART ZONE tries to create value in its small way, to develop ethical contexts in which to deepen development and cultural progress.

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