The artists are the soul of the development of the imagination of man and through their work born a biunique speech between the world and the representation of its history. The artist represents the contact, the lighting of what is an excellent tool of communication such as making art, producing cultural wealth.
The artist is a visionary of the universe, of that universe that belongs to everyone, that universe that is within everyone and that places us in continuous relationship with the external world, both material and non.
Each artist has his own language, clear or abstruse, which expresses according to his own technique, the relationship between him and the others is his work, whether he wants it or not. When the work is in the presence of the world begins a journey between it and those who assimilate its meaning, that cultural meaning that the artist has put into it.
In the path of history there are countless artists, better known and less known, closer to our times and more distant, and we will try to know their meaning, personality, their art, their vision of the world.
The artist gives us a part of us because art is the stimulus to ask ourselves why through the senses that affect interiority, which affect what makes us dream, what makes us appreciate the sense of history, the sense of beautiful and therefore of the good not only exterior but above all of what we build inside.
The artists are therefore people who make their life an uncommon experience, but at the same time an experience that everyone can live because the soul in its path needs to be stimulated, needs to develop what elevates it to the best .
It is therefore interesting to know as many artists as possible through their works mainly, artists of yesterday and today’s artists, pre contemporary and contemporary.
Each work of art is a journey sometimes inscrutable, sometimes clear, sometimes fantastic, sometimes tremendous, sometimes unimaginable, the important thing is not to get tired of looking for it and to cross the threshold of indifference to find a destination, and then another to stratify knowledge, to experience a new experience each time.