Contemporary artists

Contemporary artists

Contemporary artists are those who express their work to this day, those who live in the present; in in this category we prefer to treat those historicized from 1970 onwards.

So we will consider characters of our time, mainly young from an artistic point of view, both famous and less known; keeping in mind those of the last 50 years. This is a short time compared to traditional art channels such as those related to cultural movements or even the evolution of the market.

The names of the artists will be displayed in the menu so by clicking them you can view the whole file that concerns them with the articles on their work and their biography.

The intention of this blog is to create a support for contemporary artists, useful for greater sharing on the network, to offer another channel for comparison and even advertising.

For those who are interested we’ll provide the details to get in touch with artists in business, of course, through contact details already known to the public or after our intermediation with the consent of the artist himself.

If possible we will submit the news related to the places where exhibitions of these artists take place, be they public or private galleries, events or other solutions where they are featuring as protagonists.

The context in which moves is not for profit, though not excluding a future intermediation in the art market.

Art-zone’s approach is always related to the preservation of the ethical value intrinsic in the concept of art as a cultural elevation of the individual for the exterior and interior embellishment of himself as well as of the world around him.