Old masters

The historical artists who consider themselves in this column are all those prior to 1970, it is a distinction that is based on the consideration of separating them from the most contemporary artists. All the artists who have had official acknowledgments, who have participated in collective exhibitions or individual exhibitions, who have been part of the movements, which are officially cataloged, have received feedback from the critics, who have been published, who have left works or obvious and known monuments. Contemporary artists are obviously historicized, but for “historians” we mean those who have left an indelible mark on the history of art in general.

The section will therefore have a series of pages dedicated to the artists individually who will be accessed by typing the reference button on the main menu. In each respective page you will find all the articles that will concern that artist.

It is the reference column of the blog because obviously here you will find the most important news of art history.

It is from the artists who have impressed epochal turns that we can understand how art has evolved and then reach the present day and learn more about the mechanisms that are closest to us.

Without the art of the past you can not live the concept of the present in its total temporal dimension, even a huge void is a sign, around the eventual emptiness there is always a reason to start looking for.