This section is dedicated to the native author of the blog and includes in the main menu the issues that concern it from nearest. We want to pay tribute to an Italian region with a great cultural tradition and an immense range of resources ranging from tourism to agri-food. A land always in turmoil and an integral part of a south always in search of redemption between dreams and a difficult reality. Calabria is immersed in a Mediterranean to be discovered where there are always hospitable people and ready to show the beauty even where it is difficult to expect. Mainly what is considered for the knowledge of Calabria are the tourist / cultural itineraries and the enogastronomic aspect, two themes aimed at enhancing directly the reality through advice and direct experiences. will try to be a meeting point between those who want to exchange opinions, experiences, emotions that affect a region of Italy, a pearl sometimes hidden in a shell but that can lead to heaven!