When a thought is born towards art, the attention usually moves the imagination and immediately places itself before a vision, a concrete something that is representation, something that certainly stimulates the state of mind of the individual.

Each one traces its own cultural background, its propensities, trying to understand the subjective meaning of what can be the interpretation of the general concept of art. Basically we start what has always been inherent in this concept, that is the fundamental aspect that is that of a dialogue, of a communication, of a very important way that the man since his appearance has chosen to express himself. Art is an obviously sublime way of rendering the state of communication through the aesthetic sense, the aesthetic sense of the object chosen to express itself.

Art is one of the most important tools available to man to highlight his state and consequently his relationship with the universe that surrounds him, creating an interaction that becomes historical and social, an interaction which can be interpreted and made available to those in front of it.

The history, the period, the environment in which the artist man are the fundamental characteristics of any work before which we find ourselves because it becomes a testimony of values, of the most intrinsic values ​​of what humanity is and how it unfolds.
In ancient Greece, art had a high paideutic, educational end in which, for example, Aristotle saw a great process of purification and catharsis.

In the times therefore the art has had a continuous evolution, a continuous search for motivation, expression of different values ​​to communicate and pass on.

Today we are faced with a different world from the one that lived Leonardo or Michelangelo, but not otherwise we have our brilliant men, our contemporary artists who interact universally giving new values ​​to humanity, important and unavoidable by thickening the cultural and social baggage of the time in which they live.

Today, the media, the new technologies, the sciences, the religious sanctity, the interiority, the psychological and social aspects are in constant ferment, and art remains the privileged territory available to everyone and for all, not only for the elite , to communicate and interact.

It is an art that embraces the most modern philosophies and the most modern artistic interpretations.
Just by passing the seconds that come out of the gears of thought you realize how interesting the union between the parody of the vital reality and the imagination that makes a sensation something concrete is interesting.

You bend over backwards to understand how it is necessary to apply spontaneity to build something beautiful, to understand how life is a work of art.

But what is a work of art?

Open your mind to the heart or make it be vice versa and suddenly you begin to understand that a work of art is nothing more than a system, a comparison.

Certainly a dialogue between entities, one’s own, if the case is consciously recognized, and what is around it.

A work of art is a concept in the first place and immediately after an objective, palpable effect, something manifest, something that has a search, a motion, a modus operandi.

It is a sign of existence, it is a reason, it is a reason why it is in effect, it is a distinction between distances.
So, we find ourselves among more points, among these the art stands as an intermediary with its laws that conditions without delay the conscience of those who are before.

You can be unconscious and ignorant, but you can not force yourself to be stupid, there is nothing but stupidity in the disease, there is an intelligence that is not fed, if anything!

Here, art is the entity that transfers unconsciousness and ignorance into a dimension where energy is found that nourishes intelligence! Here art is an earthly dimension, but idyllic, strongly emotional and positive.

Now when we are ignorant we often want to stay because the shadow of fears is easier to contain, yes, much easier than dealing with what we do not know because it triggers clearer fears, those given by the lack of tools to address them, it is better to stay in the limbo of indifference.

Here we are in front of a closed room whose walls can become something else and therefore thought, freedom to act, willingness to do, exchange of reason to look for forms of value, then find the art of living.

If we imagine a journey through the tracks of artists over time and we link their works to temporal and philosophical conceptions we always find life force, so here’s why art and the answer to the question of what a work of art is! … it is vital force therefore!
A force that gives a qualitative leap to what is within us, a force that makes us grow inside the desire of others because, to widen the momentary horizons, to look for the data of the sensible that feed the critical capacities.

Art is life, it is a tactical and strategic moment in which existence takes note of the domination for the choice between good and evil.

We are always surrounded by beauty and ugliness, art is the perfect place where consciousness sublimates its essence and makes life have a superior synthesis, a basal harmony, a balance between excesses.

Art is the defect of love, it is what makes the extremes clear, confrontable, conscious and dominable before the extreme act of not returning from itself, from its infinite power.

To truly live is not to exist, but to go beyond, to exist as a work of art is to have happiness.

There are those who can however be a happy fool … but this is another philosophy!

                                                                                                                                                                   Giulio Raddi