Mantegna by Isabella D’Este

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When we go through history we have standardized temporal spaces where it is immediate to recognize and position the element that has taken part, it becomes easy to disquisition Renaissance, almost natural and therefore almost trivial. The work of Andrea Mantegna, dated 1502, is to be considered as an important filament in the rich Renaissance […]

THE “Memento Mori”……and the fugacity of life in Jan Brueghel the Younger

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One aspect that always fascinates when we are faced with the beauty of art is that related to the meanings of allegories. An allegory gives the sense of what is the reference to an exemplary attitude, is a revisitation of a concept that we may have verified in our existence, or that we have not […]

1508 memorable year………Julius II calls Raphael to Rome.

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One of the most beautiful and best-known attractions in the history of universal culture is the fresco of “The School of Athens” located on a wall of the room of the Signatura inside the Apostolic Palaces at the Vatican. It is a magnificent work with dimensions, 770 x 500 cm, and represents all Western knowledge […]

“Geni Comuni”, a beautiful exhibition of contemporary art in Rende (Cs), Italy.

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“Geni Comuni” is a contemporary art exhibition open September 9, 2018 at the Museo del Presente di Rende, in the context of the “September rendese”, which closes on the 29th of the same month. It is a real event now in its third edition as a competition in which 56 contemporary artists participate in a […]

Modernity … changing uses and costumes … the culture of disvalues ​​… from Michelangelo to tattoos!

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Today we live in a fast reality where cultural appeals are like pieces of a skin that changes and that support the contingencies. It is as if the soul and its values ​​have developed a different adaptation to the environment and eventually the natural law of selection is reversed to overturn everything. The environment changes […]