After Michelangelo there is he….Rodin.

François-Auguste-René Rodin one of the greatest artists in history, and certainly the initiator of modern sculpture, was born on November 12, 1840 in Paris. Sculpture is the art that shapes the volume, the three-dimensionality of matter that is form in the beginning in the mind and soul of the artist. Space is the environment with […]

Mark Rothko……the color and the absolute.

Well, how can you cry in front of Michelangelo’s Mercy, who sculpted it at the age of 24, taking it off a mountain and then feel equally small in front of expanses of color that “everyone” would know how to do? Art is inside the mind of those who make it because it captures it […]

KIKI SMITH the female art

“I believe in art as our possibility to represent ourselves, to represent our human experiences. Sometimes I create hard images, but for me they are attempts at survival. “ Kiki Smith To be confronted with the art that is expressed by a woman is always fascinating, it is always fascinating from a critical point of […]

LUCIO FONTANA…beyond the canvas…beyond everything…

“When I sit in front of one of my cuts, contemplating it, I suddenly feel a great relaxation of the spirit, I feel a man freed from the slavery of matter, a man who belongs to the vastness of the present and the future.” The first reaction one has when faced with a work by […]

Mondrian… zero individualism.

Reality is the main and natural subject that accompanies man’s life, his count in the universe. What is real is directly proportional to what our senses transmit to us, to what we enter into our consciousness, it is what conditions our behaviour. Reality, if the senses are distorted, can become an aberration and in order […]

Paolo Icaro. A spatial poetics between poor and conceptual art.

Paolo Icaro is the name that a great Italian sculptor, Umberto Mastroianni, gave to Pietro Paolo Chissotti artist who frequented his studio. Born in Turin in 1936, Paolo Icaro began his career as an artist immediately after leaving university, having understood what his propensity was, evidently the search for his path, what he felt inside […]

ON REMEMBRANCE DAY…Michel Fingesten a “degenerate” artist in the FERRAMONTI concentration camp in Tarsia (Cs).

We must remember one of the most poignant and terrible collections in the world, that of Terezin’s children’s drawings which is exhibited in the Pinkas Synagogue. ( The artistic representation, drawing, graphics are therefore a powerful means to tell the story and the emotions that pervade it, art in its explicit observation is also the […]

Emilio Isgrò…delete is life!

Etymologically deleting in Latin means to close with a gate, with a grid and in the sense of deleting a writing means to put bars on a text that seem to be a grate, a barrier. When one reads, one makes a linear path, one follows a direction, one places reasoning in the understanding of […]