500 years ago … .Lutero

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On October 31 500 years ago, 1517, a new era began. On the portal of the Wittenberg Cathedral in Germany (various historians deny, but now the symbolic historical significance holds), Martin Luther posted the 95 theses against the Catholic Church. It is the declaration of independence of Christian spirituality from the chains of ostentation, of […]

The lamp … at sunset

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A photo that perceives a second of conscience. Every picture has a conscience. The artistic effect is given by the inspiration that is put at the service of technology. What is expressed or aroused emotion is a matter of judgment, of comparison and then of amplitude of values. A lamp or a bench can be […]

Pablo … a restless youth

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Pablo Ruiz Picasso, born in Malaga on October 25, 1881, was simply an artist of his time who became a myth for eternity. The reasons for his fame are many and being a contemporary artist of the century just passed, he knows several facets, the history of art in short, he immortalized and told through […]