The Brera Altarpiece – Piero della Francesca – 1472/74

The Pala di Brera, or better still the Sacra Conversazione, is one of Piero della Francesca’s most famous and important paintings of the 1400’s. Its current location is in the Pinacotea di Brera in Milan. The representation of the Holy Conversation was commissioned in 1469 by Federico da Montefeltro for the local church of San […]

Interview with Angelo Vincenzo De Cillis …. An artist from Puglia …

Angelo Vincenzo De Cillis was born in 1938 in Trepuzzi (Le), while still young he moved to Manduria. He taught art education in state schools from 1960 to 1996. From 1961 to 1990 he exhibited in the Salento area and in Manduria in cultural circles. From 1970 to 1985 he made numerous works for religious […]

Speranza – from the book “La Fede è Luce” by Rita Prezio

THE HOPE You are alive animate the soul of chicchessìa young or old you cultivate with thought to reach a path well or badly Without you the heart is empty It breaks the joy of living again. Like a happy girl give your hand to the unhappy making his harmonious steps I would like to […]

Weapons, steel and diseases – Jared Diamond –

Weapons, steel and diseases by Jared Diamond is a very interesting essay which leads us into the world of anthropology and to set some more ideas for one’s own knowledge on the development of humanity. The book is compelling because it traces an analysis of human evolution through a cultural syncretism of great impact as […]

500 years ago … .Lutero

On October 31 500 years ago, 1517, a new era began. On the portal of the Wittenberg Cathedral in Germany (various historians deny, but now the symbolic historical significance holds), Martin Luther posted the 95 theses against the Catholic Church. It is the declaration of independence of Christian spirituality from the chains of ostentation, of […]

The lamp … at sunset

A photo that perceives a second of conscience. Every picture has a conscience. The artistic effect is given by the inspiration that is put at the service of technology. What is expressed or aroused emotion is a matter of judgment, of comparison and then of amplitude of values. A lamp or a bench can be […]

An electric pole … exception homo!

ECCE HOMO! I want to thank a friend for a double gift, the first is to give me the opportunity to have this picture and the second to have done it. The friend is Domenico Grosso, an artist from the province of Cosenza. The photo is marvelous and exciting for me. Here there is a […]

Angelo Vincenzo De Cillis – cycle on San Paolo della Croce -Manduria (Ta)

This painting is an open window on a kaleidoscopic human chaos where religious elements are coagulant presence, essential references. It is the iconic translation of an existence in which the subjective dramatic condition of man in his solitude finds space for sharing and the feeling becomes choral. There is in the artist an emotional energy […]